I've met a lot of people in my life, they were all different and special in their own way.
But the most amazing people in my life are all a little bit broken and you know what, this is probably the reason why they're so wonderful.

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They're fighter. Survivor. They went through hell and back, fact is they do that every day.
They're keeping their demons locked down inside of them. They deal with depression, anxiety, lack of self-love and self-confidence, pressure from their peers and that feeling of not fitting anywhere.
Some survived things even worse, abuse, rape, suicidal thoughts, harassment, racism violence, sexism.

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And I think the worst thing is there are always people trying to bring them down, minimizing what they're going through or even blaming them for what the world turned them into. They didn't choose the darkness, they didn't call for it.
But it lives within them, it's part of them and still they manage to bring light wherever they are.

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These sad and broken people that society despises and try to shut down are what the world has best to offer because it hasn't been able to destroy them.

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They're angels on earth, magnificent beings, beautiful creatures.
You can hurt them, leave them with scars, threw all the dirt you want at them, you can leave them broken into million of pieces, they will always find a way to be whole again and their imperfections will make them even more perfect.

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