We all lived many lives before this one, some more than others. We came to this earth to learn, in another words, for soul growth. Most come for personal soul growth but some come for more than that. They came for the collective, they came on a special mission to heal and help earth and all its creation. Those beings have been grouped under the name of 'Earth Angels'.

There are many groups of Earth Angels, in this one I will focus on the Wise ones.
We have had many past lives before this one, if you have lived several lives as a Wise one or one of your recent past life involved being a wise one you might relate to these.

  • Reincarnated Sorceresses
  • High Priestesses
  • Sorcerers
  • Wizards
  • Witches
  • Shamans

Some of the signs that indicate that you may be a Wise One:

1. Wise beyond their years; tend to be quite mature even at young age. Because of their maturity, they may feel older than their actual age.

2. Love books and movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

3. Are interested in Shamanism, Astrology (pretty sure they all know their rising sign, sun sign and moon sign), Divinations and Hermetics. Loves doing rituals, lighting up their candles, gathering their buddies (crystals) and chants. All Magical things!
*\ ( * o * ) /*

4. They Love! Love! crystals! Crystals are their companion and friends! Crystals are not only beautiful but their energies heals, energizes and calms, they are one of the most precious treasures of this world, like people, crystals are here to help us and the earth; the Wise ones know this and uses them to their advantage.

5. Dislikes social small talk, would rather teach or learn something. Unless the conversation involves learning something or teaching something to the other person, do not waste their time. These guys know the importance of time, they use it wisely and always bettering themselves.

6. To summarise these people in four words would be: INTENSE. EXOTIC. ECCENTRIC. REGAL.

7. The eyes of the Wise ones are serious and indeed very intense. You know these eyes can see right through you. (good luck lying to these guys) But also like their name they have wise eyes, meaning when you look into their eyes you know that this person just knows..whatever it may be but they just know.

8. It's like the wise ones have a lie detector inside of them, they can instantly know whether you are being real/truthful or not.

9. May be attracted to the Arthurian, Renaissance, medieval era.

10. May have prematurely gray hair Or bags / dark circles under the eyes (those are well earned as they have worked very hard to be where they are today, those appearance traits are like their trophies)

11. May love long flowing clothes / dress that reminds them of a romantic time for e.g. in Renaissance times. Also can't forget about their best accessory item, their crystals, whether it being their crystal necklace or bracelet.
They are whimsical and flamboyant, they may deliberately dress and act eccentrically as they take pride of who they are and their style. (as they should)

12. Unlike the other earth angels, the wise ones have a denser, somber, serious energy almost like they have a dark cloud over their heads.
Unlike the other earth angels who are fairly new to being humans, these guys have lived many, many years as humans and lived during hard periods, where there was much violence, and even hatred towards them.

13. Heart with an arrow through it. That's how I would explain these guys, they have lived through times where they've seen civilisations destroyed (during the fall of Atlantis), have been hurt and even killed for their spiritual beliefs. Remember the witch hunt periods? Yep, they lived through that, can't blame them for being a little down, right?

14. The Wise ones were ask to come back to earth during this period, (for those who don't know the earth and all its habitants are ascending to a higher dimension from 3D to 5D. This why all these earth angels are born during this time.) The Wise ones' job is to share their vast knowledge and knowing.

15. Follow your intuition as you have a strong one. If you have a problem with that learn to trust and believe in yourself more. Trust me you have all the knowledge inside your hearts.

16. Wise ones wish everyone would just listen to them. (usually those who don't, indeed regret they didn't...tsk tsk..should've listened)

17. They prefer their hair to be on the long side and flowy and tend to wear darker coloured clothes.

18. May have history of heart-related problems. Again linked to the horrible things they've witness - we've all heard of the period of witches being stabbed in the heart right? That's it.
My advice here as always is to forgive, again not for their sake, for your own. Once you forgive, you release all that pain from your heart, you can be truly happy as you deserve to be, no one can say otherwise. Also work on your heart chakra (will make another article on this, worry not.)

19. People may complain that they talk 'at them' instead of 'with them'. Which personally I feel this is because like I said they are hear to share their knowledge, they are here to teach, it's like an instinct so whenever they talk they feel like they are teaching you something. (which you should listen)

20. They are natural teachers, even if you may think you are shy to talk to people or in front of a lot of people or you don't even want to deal with people and just want to be left alone (which I understand your feeling) but your purpose on this earth is to teach others.
Once you get over the shyness, fears and anger / distrust you will realise how all your powers will come into fruition. And yes I know it can be scary because you created walls around your heart and created this distrust (took me this long to even write these articles because of these fears). But once you do rise above your fear and break down all the walls around your hearts, not only will you learn more about your true selves but also your powers will come back.

21. Speaking of powers, in the past they achieved great skills such as: Healing, Manifestion (through intention - e.g. transforming something into something else) - changing the weather, levitation, telekinesis etc.
Also, their vast knowledge, having this massive dictionary with all the informations and secrets of this world and more.

22. It's an understatement of how powerful the Wise Ones are it takes a lot of strength, perseverance and patience to gain all that wisdom. The heart breaking moments were hard but they made you stronger that anyone and gained you so much wisdom, especially in this period of time where it seems like there is chaos everywhere, you are the rock that will ground us all during this storm. NEVER underestimate yourself, you are our leaders.

23. Great power comes great responsibility. Be careful of that little temper of yours. You are powerful, especially the words that come out of your mouth, make sure those words are aligned with the reality that you want and make sure the words you use towards others are positive. Remember if you send positivity out it will come back to you, if you are sending negativity to people and situations it will come back to you. You are the creator of your life, you are a spell master. Command your fears to be released, your ego to silence and command your higher self's voice to get louder.
Makes sure everything you say after 'I am' is positive and something that you want. If you say negative things like 'I am poor', you are creating this reality, you are telling the universe that's what you want and you know the universe always gives.

22. Unlike the Starpeople who know they are different and try to hide themselves, the Wise ones know they are different and are very proud of that and aren't afraid to show themselves off.

23. Are very close to the Elementals (will talk about these guys next). A lot of their friends might be elementals.

24. Like the Incarnated Angels have angels as guides, and Starpeople have their family from their planets, the Wise ones have Dragons, Wizards and Goddesses etc. as their guides.
So if you are worried, angry, sad and/or simply need guidance, ask away, your guides are always by your side.

25. Like all Earth Angels, Wise ones are sensitive too, especially to the moon phases (full and new moons), they are affected both physically and emotionally. They might even engage in full moon ceremonies.

26. They are sweet romantic beings, they yearn for a magical and mystical soulmate marriage. Until they find 'the one' they might choose to be alone or on worse case scenarios, they might choose to 'settle'. Here comes another advice, like I said you are powerful, do not underestimate yourself and settle for anything that doesn't make you 100% happy. And don't listen to people who say 'you are getting old, it's time' or 'that perfect person doesn't exist' or 'everyone has someone, you need someone too'. You are not everyone! You are special and you know it!
And with your intention, patience and with divine timing, I ensure you, he/she will come and indeed it's going to be magical! \(*o*)/

27. Vows. Now here is the hard part, sometimes you have created situations yourselves to prevent you from finding true love. You may have made some vows such as vows of chastity and celibacy (which might affect your sex life), because these are strong, they follow you into this life. Of course there are ways to break these vows, like spells, if you made a spell you can always reverse/undo it. (I'll make an article on this because it can be long)

28. Believe in yourselves. There may be people, groups, religions who will try to sway you into different beliefs. Always listens to your heart, what feels right, is right FOR YOU. Even if everyone is following something, remember you have the knowledge, you heart has all the knowledge, let your heart guide you.

29. Born Leader. These guys have an aura of confidence around them (even if you may not realise it) but people naturally respect you and look up to you, some may even feel intimidated by you. Career wise they may go towards, being a astrologer, psychic, tarot/oracle reader, healer and of course teacher. Whatever it is, you know it's going to be magical! \(*u*)/
These guy will not be happy working in environments with unmotivated people, or with people who don't take their advice.

31. If you give advice and others don't take it, it's ok don't get angry or upset, just let them walk their path and let them figure it out themselves, just like the wise old man in the corner stroking his beard and just watching everything in silence, just be an observer. You have your path and they have theirs.

32. Gain Respect, not intimidation. Now you know you are strong and proud but be careful this doesn't turn into ego, you are here to help others, if your walls are too high up, people won't be able to ask you for help even if they want to. Intimidation, is something you do when you have fear inside, the more you work on your hearts and filling your hearts lots of love for yourself and others you will see, we are all related. Bringing fear to others is bringing fear to yourselves. Always Choose Love and Kindness.

33. Make it a personal mission to laugh more. I know you all can be very serious, but you deserve to enjoy yourselves too. Do things that make you happy, talk to your guides, crystals, go out in nature, ask mother earth for some healing. The colour green heals the heart. Go play and laugh till your stomach hurts. Laugher is the best medicine for the heart. :) Your precious hearts deserve lots, lots of love. Know that you are very, very, VERY much loved.

I feel like I have to say to you wise ones, I know you are strong and confident but in your heart, you may have some distrust towards people or even some fear that you may be hurt or disappointed by those who you are trying to help but don't let that disappoint or upset you, your service is well respected. I love you and thank you for all your hard service.

Free your hearts from that cage, wise ones! Be free, joyful and at peace! Let your beautiful and powerful hearts guide you wherever you need to go and in creating this new magical earth that is coming soon! We need you more than you can imagine!

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