Hey Hearters ! It's international woman's day. Today it's a big day these past woman have left good examples that have made history. I'm feminist and I strongly believe that we should accept different cultures and ethnic groups. Accepting everyone makes a country look strong full of cultural diversity. Not only shows love for cultures, but appreciates it. It shows to young generation that North America is an international country and weather being white or black there isn't any different.

Those who criticise our generation forgot who raised it" - Bill Crosby

Check out this video released today by GOOGLE

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Support, share and heart this article in support of International Woman's day 2018. Creating diversity, love and support for our young generation.

"You can do almost anything you put your mind to, You can swim in the Deepest Ocean, and climb the Highest peek ! You can face Adversity and still walk Dauntless ...You are Strong, Beautiful, Compassionate, Much more than words Could ever say ! Today is Yours as any other day ! Happy Woman's Day To All Wonderful Woman Out There"

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By: Iman Akram