I have always knew at some point that I am creative , but at young age and no support from anyone I just thought it is not important , or I just wasn't brave enough to start something that I would share with even one person .
Later on as you grew up you getting to start to know yourself better and this is the time to start doing stuff you are truly passionate about. I always , always loved books , and home designs , decorations basically everything about a home that gives me what i need to be happy. Starting from books, my dream was to write. But not just write , to get published an amazing story that would make people smile , laugh , cry at some point . Most importantly love and freedom from our crazy world. It is late well feels like late night for me as I had a long day. I finished my day with writing. My first novel. Which I am in love with. If you love spirituality, astral project, scary ghostly spooky things you will love it. So the point is I wanted to share this as I felt very creative tonight at the point I could just write until the next day and my book would be done . I never felt this before. Amazing ideas just came out of nowhere , when other times I'm struggling to have a page written.
And here I am writing this, so I hope I can inspire others. I don't even know what is the point of writing this article , but maybe I just wanted to get some things out of my head so I can go to sleep with a calm mind.
It is so important in life to do what makes you happy, even if there are people who tries to take you down with negativity I just want to tell you , that just don't give them what they want, show them who you are. We are all amazing creatures, with different talents. I hope you having a lovely night. xx