Maybe you've heard that Arctic Monkeys is going to do a concert in Paris. I live two hours from there. My parents just refused that I go. They can't understand that AM is my favorite band,I listen to them each time I'm sad and they inspire me every day. I love my parents but I found this pretty sad.

I am just thankful that the fangirl/boy generation that we are will be more understandable. We will go with our children to those concerts, because we will want to know what the band they love so much look like.

(And because we will kinda love the band too because we would have listened to their whole albums before... to discover what give our kids their smile back when they were sad and we could not do a thing to cheer them up. )

I am also sure that our generation will raise our sons as feminists, learn our children equality, justice and forbide them to judge their classmates. We will say our daughters that they can do anything they want to do, we will say our sons they can cry and wear pink, we will tell them they can love whoever they want...

We will understand that they can be sad, bored and hopeless as teenagers. That they are afraid of going to school. We will listen to them, we will help them.

I am so optimistic about our generation as parents.

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Image by Noora
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I am French so forgive my mistakes and feel free to send me a postcard to tell me if I made any mistakes, I will correct them!!