I ran.

Ran as fast as I could.

My long hair cascading down my shoulders, constantly annoying me but I had nothing to tie it with. I don’t know how I got here, in this dark corridor, I don’t even know why I’m running but something tells me to and I comply. I don’t know why I’m stuck in this dress

…so white

…so pure.

I hear laughter behind me and I run even faster, I can hear the footsteps that are even faster than me. Why does this corridor never end?

Then I stop. Right in front of me is a door. It’s plain just like my dress but to me it offers hope, a chance to hide from whoever or whatever is chasing me. And hide I don’t even care whats behind this door.

I turn around and there is this huge screen, nothings playing and suddenly all my surroundings have changed to a cinema, many empty seats and it makes me wonder exactly who wants to watch a movie in here.


And I do, too afraid to look behind me, has the thing chasing me finally caught me?


And I do.

The screen lits up counting down




It shows a girl, around my age but I’m not sure. She has short brown hair with the same colour eyes. Nothing stands out about her except for the intense hatred I got from looking at her.

“Do you remember her?”

“I do.”

The bitch who ruined my life. Constantly bullying me and turning everyone against me.

“Do you remember what you did to her?”

“I do.”

The blood, the tearing of flesh, how satisfying it all sounded.

“What did you do to her?”

“I killer her and planted the evidence against her parents. It was a simple spoilt brat that got too much for her parents.”

“Did you enjoy it?”


The answer was quick and instant.

“Who was next?”

“My sister.”

“How hard was it?”

“So easy. So boring.”

Words went out of my mouth but none of them surprised me.

“Turn around.”

And I did.

Staring right back at me were the same colour eyes, the same hair but the look in her eyes was…


But it didn’t put me off instead I went closer.

“Who are you?” I asked

The person grinned.

“Why I thought it was obvious by now

I’m You