As a child, I didn't want to become a professor or a mum or a call-girl.
All I wanted was to be an adult.
I thought that by 29 I would be married.
I wanted to become an artist and live the bohemian life.
I wanted to be free and have a ton of friends.
I was supposed to do things differently than my parents.

I became a lawyer.
None of my boyfriends agreed to marry me.
I still do have a bohemian spirit and I do art on the side. I have a lot of friends. I'm lucky enough to travel.
But do I really feel free?
I take the subway each morning at the same time.
I'm afraid to quit my job because of the material consequences.
I'm not unhappy but am I happy?
I know my dreams are hidden inside. A little voice tells me that they are not dead. That I can still make them come true. Before it's too late...