I wanted to this challenge but I kinda change some letters. We could say I failed the challenge but you know ... Feel free to do the challenge or my version ahah

A ge

friends, grunge, and boy image study, school, and college image quotes, 17, and grunge image adventure, style, and bff image

B est book

harry potter, quidditch, and book image harry potter, hogwarts, and hogwarts express image Image removed harry potter, ron weasley, and ron image
Harry Potter

C urrent Time

hero, quotes, and grunge image
22:59 AM

D rink I last had

drink and color image

Everyday starts with

control, equality, and happiness image
Listening the world news

F avorite Song

quotes, grunge, and all time low image Mature image flowers, nature, and mountains image grunge, Lyrics, and all time low image
Missing You- All Time Low

G oal in life

reporter, aesthetic, and notebook image newspaper and reading image yellow, camera, and photography image charlie hebdo, france, and journalism image
I want to be a journalist!

H ouse in Harry Potter

aesthetic, girl, and harry potter image

I' m in love with

funny, lily aldrin, and marshall eriksen image
Marshall Ericksen from HIMYM

J ealous of

adorable, laugh, and lily aldrin image
I guess I will have to say Lily but their couple is the cutest ever!!

K illed Someone

fuck trump image
My life would better if Trump was not around I would say

L ast Time I Cried

quotes, johnny depp, and cry image attention, laugh, and quote image quotes, tears, and life image quotes image quotes, heal, and cry image attention, laugh, and quote image
An hour ago :(

M ovie that you love

The Breakfast Club, quotes, and movie image
The breakfast Club

N umber of Siblings

quotes, miss, and life image quotes, hug, and life image sister and quote image love, quotes, and you image
3 sisters and lots of love

O ne Wish

body, empowerment, and positivity image love, lgbt, and gay image equality, quotes, and feminism image blacklivesmatter, black lives matter, and theme image

P erson that inspire you the most

feminism, feminist, and fight like a girl image

Q uote to live by

quotes, sun, and pink image

R easons To Smile

cat, cute, and baby image
Babies, Kids and cats

S ong You Last Sang

marina and the diamonds, froot, and the family jewels image
I am not a robot- Marina and the diamonds

T V show you last saw

amour, hug, and monica image

V acation Places

bike, blog, and bretagne image cone, vacation, and 70-200 image
L'ile de Ré

X oxo: an online friend you would like to give a thank?

Y our Favorite Food

chocolate, Cookies, and desserts image morning image chocolate, food, and pancakes image chocolate, muffins, and pure image

Z odiac Sign

stars, overlay, and constellation image

Thanks for reading!