I wanted to this challenge but I kinda change some letters. We could say I failed the challenge but you know ... Feel free to do the challenge or my version ahah

A ge

boy college 17 Superthumb

B est book

book express book harry potter
Harry Potter

C urrent Time

hero, quotes, and grunge image
22:59 AM

D rink I last had

drink and color image

Everyday starts with

control, women, and womensmarch image
Listening the world news

F avorite Song

all time low all time low aesthetic all time low
Missing You- All Time Low

G oal in life

aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb france
I want to be a journalist!

H ouse in Harry Potter

aesthetic, harry potter, and girl image

I' m in love with

funny, gif, and weheartit image
Marshall Ericksen from HIMYM

J ealous of

adorable, alyson hannigan, and marshall eriksen image
I guess I will have to say Lily but their couple is the cutest ever!!

K illed Someone

trump, concert, and fuck image
My life would better if Trump was not around I would say

L ast Time I Cried

cry Superthumb book quotes chocolate Superthumb
An hour ago :(

M ovie that you love

quotes, The Breakfast Club, and movie image
The breakfast Club

N umber of Siblings

life hug quote quotes
3 sisters and lots of love

O ne Wish

art free boy beige

P erson that inspire you the most

feminism, feminist, and fight like a girl image

Q uote to live by

quotes, sun, and pink image

R easons To Smile

cat, cute, and baby image
Babies, Kids and cats

S ong You Last Sang

marina and the diamonds, froot, and the family jewels image
I am not a robot- Marina and the diamonds

T V show you last saw

friends, hug, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image

V acation Places

Superthumb Superthumb
L'ile de Ré

X oxo: an online friend you would like to give a thank?

Y our Favorite Food

Superthumb morning breakfast cake

Z odiac Sign

aliens, map, and astrology image

Thanks for reading!