The truth is i struggle with so many things that i don't think i can choose one. However, if i think about the thing i struggle with that affects the most to my daily life i know it for sure: confidence.

I don't know in what moment of my life i started losing it. Sometimes i think i never had it. I remember so many times as a kid when i felt unsure, doubtful, fearful...and i never told anyone. I guess adults could never imagine how kids can feel sometimes or how other's words can affect them.

This has been a problem i have been carrying within myself for years but i didn't realise the importance of it since this year i think. Nobody ever told me to be confident, that i was capable. However, slowly i'm starting to gain some confidence thanks to some people i met and of course, thanks to myself.

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Nothing in this life is free so, in order to gain i also had to sacrifice some other things. I had to face some fears, but at the end i think i can say it was worth it.

However, the main source of my confidence is gone and i am not sure about how i should feel now. Of course i should keep trying but...once again i am in the same situation as before and i am not sure about if i can do it.

I know i should not depend on others but maybe it is necessary at some points of our lives. We can't be stubborn till the end, sometimes we need to rely on others too.

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