Today, March 8th, marks International Women's Day! Heck yeah!!! To all you #GIRLBOSSES and #SuperMums out there, to all you #Feminists and #GRLPWR believers! To the princesses, to the footballers, to the princesses who play football. To the Mums to the sisters, to the friends. To YOU! ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, STRONG AND FEARLESS WOMEN! This day is for YOU ALL to shine and be proud.

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As women, we have so much to be proud for, so many to be proud of.

A lil' bit of History

While we all carry on marching and changing the world, I wanted to take a trip back in time and show what women have done, and how we need to thank them for where we are now. (This is the part where I hop into my TARDIS and start fangirling about how the new Doctor is a girl!!!!!)

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Take yourself back to March 19th 1911, I know it was a long time ago and I usually can't remember what I've had for breakfast but I'm sure if you try hard you will remember! Because that day was the first International Women's Day! It was all started for women to earn the right to vote. March 19th was chosen then because that was the day that the Prussian King promised to introduce Women's Votes in 1848 but... wait for it... he didn't keep his promise.

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But don't fear!!! Women and their sisters carried on marching and protesting and International Women's Day was moved to March 8th in 1913, and after that it is celebrated on March 8th every year, even now in the young and beautiful 2018! In some countries around the world March 8th is a national holiday to celebrate and look at the movements of women, that we have faced or still face today.

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As amazing it is to look at some of the accomplishments women have achieved, but we have a lot more to fight for.

We must stand united. Together. Strong.

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Why are we still fighting?

Although we have come a long way towards having gender equality, it's still nowhere near what we need.This is what we are still fighting against:

  • Gender Pay Gaps
  • Domestic Violence
  • Trafficing
  • Harassment and Sexual Violence
  • Cat Calling
  • Representation in Politics
  • Rights to Education
  • Poverty
  • Rights to Healthcare
  • Respect in the Media

and much more, the list could go on.

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When the Women's March first happened in 2017 I was overwhelmed by pride and happiness. That is what girls can do together. And if we keep marching we CAN and we WILL change the world!
Just like out grandmothers before us marched for change, we march for change for future generations of girls, of people who are not equal in the world. All genders, sexuality, backgrounds, ages and races.

So together, girls, whoever you may identify as, we are going to shake this world into shape. Just you wait and see.

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xoxo - Chloe, your radical neighborhood feminist

(defiantly cooler than spiderman)

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