Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be telling you a few tips to add to your outfit to look way better.


With just a simple blouse and jeans when you add a Béret it looks like you spend hours putting the outfit together

fashion, style, and girl image Image by sündos

Neck Scarves

They are so easy to wear, and you will look more french and elegant

fashion, girl, and model image classy, girly, and elegant image
With just a white blouse

Burberry pattern

Only one word: TIMELESS

Burberry, fashion, and girl image fashion, skirt, and Burberry image

Red Color

Add a little bit of red to your outfits. This colour can look good with almost anything and it is such a look

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, red, and style image

Fur Coats

FAUX fur obviously. This can make you look like a true fashionista

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Trench Coats

This is an essential. Can help to make you look fashionable and warm

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image


You can focus all the attention of your outfit on the belt. If you choose the right one, wearing whatever you want, your outfit will look much better

  • Gucci Belt
fashion, outfit, and vans image chanel, gucci, and luxury lifestyle image
  • Belts in general

It doesn't even have to be gucci

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image


You can add some simple necklaces but don't be excessive or it will look tacky

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WelI guys, that's all for today, hope you liked it and remember...

"You can have anything you want if you dress for it"
- Edith Head