Hello,this time i have another "my name in...". I hope you like.
My name is Valentina.

V - Venice,Italy

venice image italia, pizza, and italy image italy, travel, and venice image venice, italy, and travel image

A - Amsterdam,Netherlands

city, amsterdam, and building image aesthetic, amazing, and amsterdam image amsterdam image Temporarily removed

L - Los Ángeles,USA

los angeles and sky image city, grunge, and indie image california, city, and los angeles image city, sky, and california image

E - Edinburgh,Scotland

vintage, city, and architecture image castle, black and white, and photography image architecture and building image Image by Miss

N - New York,USA

city, bridge, and travel image city, new york, and building image city, travel, and building image city, travel, and building image

T - Toronto,Canadá

city and travel image canada, january, and toronto image city, sky, and travel image city, landscape, and ontario image

I - Ibiza,Spain

city, flowers, and ibiza image home, ibiza, and natur image Image by Sabine Annette Werno dreaming, holiday, and ibiza image

N - Neuquén,Argentina

argentina, beautiful, and branches image argentina, neuquen, and villalaangostura image argentina, neuquen, and paisaje image afternoon, argentina, and snow image

A - Athens,Greece

Greece, Temple, and travel image acropolis, ancient, and Athens image Greece, travel, and sunset image Greece, Athens, and acropolis image