Hi good day. I'm going to make a challenge, it's about putting your name in cities. <3

K.- Kazan, Rusia

russia image
medieval, kazan, and mosque image
religion, russia, and kazan image

I.- Iguazú, Argentina

waterfall image
waterfall, nature, and argentina image
iguazu, magic, and rainbow image

A.- Alghero, Italia

italy, Sardinia, and vacation image
beautiful, city, and discover image
architecture, cool, and photography image

R.- Roma, Italia

capital, italy, and sun image
italia, roma, and wanderlust image
italia, roma, and wanderlust image

A.- Arrecife, Canarias

ocean, animal, and fish image
summer, sea, and ocean image
fish image

That was it.
In all the world there are beautiful cities to know, all the places have their "something".
Can you imagine being able to know them all?

Have a nice day, greetings :)