Since you left there was no second in which didn´t think of you.
I missed you every single day.
And every single day i cried myself to sleep.
Missing you...the only content of my past three months.

But i´m done.
I´m done always hoping for you to come back.
I´m done breaking my own heart over and over again by recalling all of our memories.
I´m done hurting myself all the time because i don´t want to let you go.

Also the way you act makes me feel like
what we had wasn´t real at all.
And that hurts the most.
Knowing that something that was as important to me like this,
was all just fake.

So all i can do to not die from this pain,
is shutting down all the feelings i have.
So i guess it´s time to let you go,
´cause you don´t seem to care anymore,
so why should i?

I don´t want to feel this anymore.
I don´t want to remember.