You always get a second chance. Always. But it's not the second chance you're thinking of.

Every day you get a new chance. A new day. A new situation to tackle.

You have a chance to be positive and happy. And even if you can't at the first chance you can always change it. In reality, you get thousands of chances. Millions. Billions.

We each get a new chance. A new day. A new situation. A new outlook.

While having a million chances is great, try to make it work the first or second chance. Try to smile, even if it's hard. Try to look at the positive side, even if it's hard. Try to give a compliment to someone who hates you or you dislike, even if it's hard. Try. Because you once you try, you'll realize it gets easier and easier.

Let's try making the world a better place. We may have billions of chances, but we only have one or two chances with everyone we meet. Make it on the first try.

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