Hi! thank you for the support on my yesterday's post, if you havent read it, go to my homepage and read my story "To My Dear Friend Anxiety",

I know it's a little bit complicated to talk about this disorder but for me is a way to take out my useless thoughts.

I wanna share with you how I fight with my anxiety every day

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STEP 1: Sunrise Feelings
Morning is a battle for me, some nights I'm not capable of getting rest, so I woke up tired and here is when my brain started to thinks useless things, most of them are things that happened or sometimes the most common "what if i..?", my heart rate increase, my palms start sweating, I start to feel nauseous and my appetite goes away...

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these are all bad things to me, SO...I encourage myself go out to the backyard or to a silent place, and I began to breathe in as much as my lungs let me and exhale my thoughts slowly, MEDITATION and have been a good idea for me to start doing it.

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After this, I go to kitchen and make a cup of green tea; As an anxiety person we recommend to not drink coffee or alcohol, either smoke, and let me tell you, I use to do this, coffee was a relief for me but after a couple of hours my eating disorder started, on my way to college I use to smoke 2 o 3 cigarettes before classes started, and on my weekends at night I use to drink shots of whisky or vodka, a glass of wine, etc. A PRETTY HORRIBLE HABIT.

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but that's another story, let's get back to the green tea, helps to wake up and it helps with indigestion problems and eating disorders, I exhort you to seek the benefits of green tea to us.

next point on my list is to eat my breakfast, A HEALTHY ONE, YEAH I KNOW, healthy habits is something I still working on, no matter how hard it is, a single change on your daily habits is a big step to change yourself, change anything you want, my big step was not drinking juice boxes at morning and 'till today I still don't like them. I've been receiving help from a nutritionist, apart from my anxiety disorder, I had a bad habit alimentation and was causing me a bunch of hormones and medical instability, but we heart and Pinterest have a lot of people how can give you advice for a good healthy menu :D and they're delicious.

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NOW!!! STEP 2: The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You'll Feel Tomorrow

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Ladies and gents, working out is a HUGE STEP, working out is making me feel so much better. Helps my anxiety and makes me feel better about myself, but nobody knows I'm doing it so I don't go and harm myself, if you read my previous post, depression is something I'm working on too, EVERYDAY IS A STRUGGLE, when I'm at my best, my anxiety is always with me and my panic taps me on my shoulder a few times a day, on my good days I can brush it off, on the bad ones I just want to stay in bed...

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Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice.It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. it gets to the point when it's the loudest voice in the room. I have 3 mantras that I hope one day I can tattoo them on my body
these mantras are what make me get up a go have a wonderful day.

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I do several activities to relieve my anxiety.
a walk, jogging, swimming, meditation, yoga, and the list go on...

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choose something that you might think it'll help you out :D

Step 3: Life is short, do stuff that matters
even though a workout is a good help, doesn't ensure that anxiety episode will not happen again, anxiety is always there trying to bring you down, so your head will start fulling of unnecessary thoughts, so I try to keep my mind busy, a good reading, painting, drawing, cooking, puzzles, every insignificant event can help me get along with my episode, there are so many types of bad choices, mine was that when I had my episode I get to the kitchen, to the cafeteria or to a mini market to buy something to eat...you can imagine how much weight I gain because of this. so that's when I decide to do some kinds of stuff to keep my mind busy :D you can go a search for an activity that might help you with the episode.

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STEP 4: Wake up with determination...Sleep with satisfaction

After a long day struggling with my thought, my habit, for me, coming home is the best part of the day, i start a dairy a few months ago, on it write with detail every single anxiety episode I had on the day, what I thought, why I did it and how many time a think of death... on it a write how the episode affect me when a socialize or when I try to share affection with others.

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I can't explain how am I feeling so I put into words...
after I wrote everything, I prepared a tea to relax, there is a bunch of tea that might help you conceal those fear and pains, so go a look for one to help you relax, mine is chamomile tea with honey, it's like a sleeping pill :D...

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and that's it... I know is not much but I think it helps a lot

if you like it give me your beautiful heart and leave in the comments below how do you the relief you anxiety during the day? and if you have any recommendation :D

thank you and until next time :D