Hey there beautiful people! I came here with more songs to share with you. Spotify always puts together a beautiful Discover Weekly playlist for me to listen, so I decided to make a playlist out of those songs for you to listen. Anyways, these are the songs I like the most in all of them, hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!

> Forever For Now by LP
> Before I Fall by Latch Key Kid
> La cigarette by Mélanie Pain
> End Of Our Days by Archive
> Memorial by Susanne Sundfør
> Pocahontas by AnnenMayKantereit
> Calm Down by J. Bernardt
> Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club
> Time by Jungle
> I Need My Girl by The National
> Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene by Hozier
> No No No by Beirut
> Five Minutes by Her
> On Hold by The xx
> drugs by EDEN
> All I Wanted by Daughter
> Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
> I Will Be Silent by Over the Ocean
> Paper Mache Planes by Nova & the Experience
> Found In The Ground by Girls In Hawaii
> My Silver Lining by First Aid Kid
> I Always Fall Apart by Sharon Van Etten

As always, I'm leaving the playlist link here: https://open.spotify.com/user/greyfridays/playlist/0Ud5kEMtjkKnjRzzXNiuQV?si=Hc4bDUN4SVm2iFI6wkfY2w

Okay, that is all for now but feel free to dm me your thoughts about these songs or send me the songs that you like, I really love discovering new music so I think it'll be cool if you share with me some of your fav songs.

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Au revoir!