I’ve been seeing these types of articles trending and thought it would be fun, this is my version of the #ThisIsMe Challenge.

This was a little difficult to complete on my own, so, thanks to everyone who contributed. This is a great way to self-reflect and with getting help from others I realized that there are little things that I do normally that I forget about but other people really appreciate. What I take from this is to always let someone know when you appreciate anything about their being (their look, personality, strange way of making you feel better no matter how bad your mood). It will totally make their day and yours ♥

P.S. I’ve never really been completely comfortable with being my own hype girl. Maybe because I feel like its borderline boasting or being proud of something we should all be doing anyway. I think we need to stop finding problems within ourselves and just appreciate ourselves as the creation of beauty that we each are, as Jason from The Good Place says: “You’re awesome, be nicer to yourself.”

kiss, lips, and lipstick image bubbles, grunge, and aesthetic image coffee, bible, and book image red, donuts, and food image
Artist • Bubbly • Christian • Doughnuts

A • Make up, paint and dance are my mediums; the world is my canvas. B • I like to think this means I’m like bubbles, making everyone happier and making everything seem more fancy. C • My Christianity is a big part of my being and I always want to grow in it. D • Single servings of fried bread that you can put almost anything on and it will taste amazing, what's not to love?

aesthetic, listen, and minimal image family, tumblr, and hair image boxes, orange, and gift image cute, orange, and fruit image
Empathetic • Family • Gift • Happy

E • In some way isn't empathy like understanding, I'm seeing a trend that relates to my degree. F • My family is a big part of my life, even when they irritate me, I still love them. G • My name literally means gift, I take this very seriously and always try to be... present. H • I do consider myself a generally happy person, most of the time, when I'm not in a bad mood, or tired, did I mention I a full-time Uni student.

light, fireworks, and night image Image by Sarah ︎ sunflower, flowers, and yellow image yellow, heart, and neon image
Irrepressible • Joyful • Kind • Loving

I • I'm gonna be straight with you, I had to look this one up, my favourite synonym was uncontainable, I'm just too much love, smiles and pink to be contained in any space. J • I don't know who wrote this one but its funny cause my (unofficial) middle name is Joy, wait, does that mean I'm… full of myself; lol; I think I'm funny. K • kind...a cute, kinda fun, kinda lost for words on this one; also whats better than flowers named after the sun? L • Like my bio's say 1 Corinthians 16 vs 14: “do everything with LOVE.”

pop art, art, and green image alone, be strong, and black and white image quotes, mind, and green image wallpaper, background, and flowers image
Melanin • Noble • Open-minded • Pink

M • I just love my melanin. N • I’m always ready to help others. O • I always try to be open and accepting to other people and their opinions. P • Every time I ask my niece to describe something about me her answer is the same: pink; I can’t even argue with her logic.

sssh, light, and black image hope, light, and rays image fashion, clothes, and shoes image light and quote image
Quite • Radiant • Stylish • Trustworthy

Q • I’m very shy around people I don’t know in some situations; I REALLY appreciate my alone/quite time, if I don’t get enough I straight up go silent. R • A friend put this down probably describing my personality, but I’m gonna say she meant my skin. S • I do think my sense of fashion is pretty on point. T • It’s always nice to realize people trust you, I sometimes feel other people trust me more than I trust myself.

glow, purple, and understand image ice cream image equality, feminism, and feminist image pink and crown image
Understanding • Vanilla • Woman • Xtra

U • If you look back on my articles, perspective was something I was working on a lot recently, clearly it payed of if the people around me say I'm understanding. V • 97% of the time, if it comes in vanilla, I’ll take one in vanilla. W • Clearly, I am one and I support them in everything. X • I find Tahani’s words describe this one quite perfectly “I Tahani Al-Jamil, shall do my level best to make every event too much.”; and, I know it starts with an "e" but that's how you spell it when you are XTRAAAAA

baby, child, and girl image background, color, and easel image
Young at heart • Zulu but not

Y • I don't know if this completely relates but I am more comfortable with my class of 5-year old's than many social situations with adults. Z • My surname may be Zulu, but I’m not a Zulu person (culturally), and I understand very little of it (as a language).

*In case you missed it, rainbows are a pretty integral part of my life too.

If you got this far, thank you for your time, and please feel free to send me messages if we have anything in common, or if we are complete opposites, or if you saw a pretty unicorn today (are there any other kind?) ♥