today is our day, women's day!

girl, icon, and aesthetic image dior, flowers, and rose image flowers, beauty, and style image makeup and ulzzang girl image

today is the day of the people who fight and who are strong, yes, women

girl, makeup, and beauty image flowers, rose, and white image green, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image

all have their inner and outer beauty. they are all beautiful the same way

21, mirror, and winter image Image removed ocean, sunrise, and orange sky image 90s, body, and converse image

every day that passes, i have more respect for them / you, because they are very brave and with a great heart, this is very good

girl group, mina, and aöä image girl, wallpaper, and neon image purple, smoke, and grunge image aesthetic, aesthetics, and colorful image

i revere all of you. men, please be more careful with us

seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image beautiful, flower, and green image red, makeup, and lipstick image kpop, red velvet, and irene image

girls support girls