hey babes!

welcome back to another article that I am so excited about!

today I'm going to be giving some life advice, some. I have a lot so this is probably gonna be a part one.

anyways, I hope y'all enjoy!


wake up earlier

besides the weekdays, try to wake up early on the weekends. usually I work weekend mornings so I tend to wake up earlier, but I usually feel more productive after work.

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have a healthy relationship with your family

this is so important, and I am so lucky to have amazing support from my family. without your family you just feel lost.

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get a job

I know some people don't have time to work because of school, but if you have the opportunity, get one.

especially if you're shy, get one, it's a great way to get out of your shell and meet a lot of new potential friends.

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always use sunscreen

well this tip is more for the summer, or whenever you have hot weather.

even if you have clothes on but will be outside, wear it.

if you're swimming or tanning, wear it.

if you'll be out for a fun adventure, please wear it.

we have to keep that skin healthy and glowing.

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drink a lot of water

typical tip but very important.

drinking water has so many pros, why wouldn't you want to drink it.

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try to keep your room clean

I know this could be hard for some people, even me at times.

keeping your room clean and organized is one step of keeping yourself organized, and it makes you feel good.

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make many playlists

you're gonna be in many different moods, so have a playlist ready.

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never procrastinate

another typical tip but again, very important.

don't have a lazy mindset, you won't get anywhere in life.

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be honest

I know sometimes you don't want to be harsh or hurt others feelings, but you can't always lie to make them feel good.

I've gotten a lot better at this. I used to agree with others to make them feel good, but now I speak my mind.

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have a skin care routine

if you want better skin you have to do something about it.

see what products are best for your skin and then create a routine.

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thank y'all so much for reading.

there will definitely be a part two sometime in the future.

I'll also be out of town this weekend through tuesday or wednesday, so I will try my best to be active.

check out my previous article!

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xoxo, olivia