So February is over and I got my fave songs again! So I'll share them with you again! Isn't that exciting??

1. My Silver Lining- First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, hair, and music image

This is from the Renault advertisement, some time ago. But I love it so so much.

2. Mr. Brightside -The Killers

the killers, mr brightside, and brandon flowers image

So here it is again, for like the 3rd time, HAHA.

3. Fireflies -Owl City

light, night, and sky image

This is the ultimate 00's song. It's the song I remember best from my childhood. It gives so many memories.

4. Uptown Girl -Westlife

boyband and westlife image

I know his is originally Billie Joel's, but I just like this better!

5. Jou Mond Is In Die Pad (Lewendige Opname) -Brendan Peyper

guitar, music, and vintage image

So this is a Afrikaans singer and this is the live version and it's just so romantic. I'm not even Afrikaans, but Dutch so I quite understand the lyrics!

6. Sex, Love & Water -Armin van Buuren

beach, sea, and purple image

Gotta suport the Dutch DJ's right! This just gives me summer vibes to the max!

7. 'N Boeredrukkie Vir My Boeremeissie (lewendige opname) -Brendan Peyper

flowers, guitar, and music image

This is THE most romantic song ever!

So that's it for this month! Hope you liked it!

XOXO, Rachel!

xoxo, pink, and kiss image