As today (March 8th) is International Women's Day, I wanted to write something about my role as a 17 year old girl and the importance of empowering women. Acknowledging your worth as a woman should be something you do every day. Sometimes you wake up and it's a little harder, especially in today's society. But today is a reminder of all the inspiring women who came before us and accomplished amazing things and all the possibilities, opportunities that we have in life. More and more, we see changes in the views towards women.
I want to take my opportunity to make sure that that view is a positive one that will help others feel good whoever they may be.

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The first thing is noticing the connections that are close to me. As an older sibling, I'm generally aware of what my sister picks up from me. She's only two years younger so we're pretty close. But sometimes, I don't care too much about what examples I'm presenting. This is specifically noticeable when I'm tired and annoyed. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to just wanting to be away from someone like a sibling for a while. Whether it's because I'm older or because I'm a patient, usually calm person, I try my best to consider my actions. It is so easy to let something with negative effects happen. It's just knowing that if I had an older sister, I'd hope she would be someone I could look up to.

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The second thing is the environment I am in. Far too often, I hear people saying horrible things to one another but way more about girls. And it's not just boys to girls. It's not just school hallways. Kids learn it from adults at home or in public. Especially in public where everyone wants to seem cool and for reasons, that means having a negative image of women. I do my best to stick to what I believe in and to teach positivity and respect to those who I can impact.

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The biggest thing is knowing that I have a voice in the world. When people refer to girls, that includes me. When people refer to how women are regarded, that includes me. People often have an image of superwomen and world leaders when they think International Women's Day but it is as much about the people who are taking big action as it is about those who do well every day to take a stand for women in daily life. Your strength matters in the strength of the world, in today's society and changing how the world sees.

Know your role as a woman and consider how you can make a positive impact on your world and the world as a whole!