Holà guys ! Today, I show you the places I would like to visit in the world. And you, where do you would to travel ?

Bahamas 🇧🇸

I find that the Bahamas are another world, that if have traveled there all our problems are far away, as if we were in an imaginary world, fantastic

summer and travel image bahamas, pig, and pigs image summer, girl, and beach image bahamas, plants, and sand image water, sea, and nature image Image removed
I love see this pigs into the mer, idk why haha and the landscape is so gorgeous

India 🇳🇪

I love this country, Hindus have such a beautiful culture ☼

gardens, india, and parks image Image removed architecture, beautiful, and travel image country, india, and incredible india image bollywood, make up, and saree image fashion, dress, and india image couple, travel, and india image travel, india, and couple image
the architecture is amazing, the dresses are just... WOW ! I don't have the worlds to explain that

Italy 🇮🇹

Italy with Venise... Ah Venise, the love's city ♡,of course if I go to Italy will also be for pasta, pizza and parmesan 🍝🍕🧀 hummm just in talking I have mouth water !

beautiful, travel, and europe image beautiful, blue, and italy image basil, pasta, and 🇮🇹 image food and pizza image venice image Mature image beach, beautiful, and italy image adventure, leaning tower, and travel image
Pasta, my favorite dish... Yum ☺️

Greece 🇬🇷

I would love to go on holiday in Greece, I find this country so beautiful and relaxing with these beautiful architectures and white and blue buildings ✩

Greece, santorini, and sea image white, Greece, and travel image Greece and travel image travel, Greece, and summer image sea, ocean, and summer image city, travel, and Greece image
it really looks like the houses are anchored in the rock, it's gorgeous

Sorry, this article is long but I really wanted to show you the places I want to discover. I still hope they will have you more.

XoXo, Arìes ♡