Hey, today I am going to write about twenty things I want to have done before I die. Hope you find it fun to read and maybe get some inspiration to an own bucket list!<33

1. Learn how to surf

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This is something I have always wanted to try. It just look's like so much fun, but hard!

2. Visit Paris and the Eiffeltower

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I love to travel and Paris seems like a so nice city.

3. Visit Disney World

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As a child I LOVED all Disney movies so I have wanted to go there for a very long time.

4. Go on a safari

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It would be so cool to be so close to all those wild animals in there natural habitat, big dream.

5. Participate in a colour run

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I have many friends that have run in a colour run and they all say it is so much fun, just as it looks at all these pictures above.

6. Go on a prom

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I just love the feeling when you can put on a beautiful dress cause it does really makes me feel so pretty and special.

7. Travel with friends

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I love to travel and I love to be with my friends so what could be better than both together.

8. Throw a surprise party for a friend

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Something that I can put so much time on and think is so much fun is to plan parties and especially when it als makes a friend happy.

9. Ride in a helicopter

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Just look!!

10. Live in my dream apartment or house

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Who would not want to live in their dream apartment or house?

11. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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If you have a chance to visit Hogwarts, take the chance!

12. Go on a road trip with friends

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I love to explore new places and especially with my friends.

13. Go on a big festival

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Concerts is one of the best things I know, so what could be better than many concerts and just have fun with all of your friends all at once?

14. See northern lights

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These is just so beautiful and magical, really breathtaking!

15. Share an apartment with my best friend

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Sleepovers every night!

16. Start my own family

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17. Live in an ice hotel

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So cool!

18. See a wild sea turtle

animal, turtle, and beach image turtle, animal, and sea image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee sea and turtles image
This is a thing a wrote a pretty long time ago and under that time I did see a sea turtle hatch, so cute and I am so happy I got the chance to see it!

19. Visit Iceland

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There is so many cool places there and I am actually going there this summer which I am so excited for.

20. Adopt an animal

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Why buy a puppy or a kitten when you can help an older dog, I am literally going to end up with the house full of animals.

hope you enjoyed reading this and that it have given you some inspiration for your bucket list,