Ok, I have to admit, this one was harder than I thought. I never really think about this question, only the other way around. What has to be changed to be likable. In order to get these 5, I did have to look on the interwebs for examples that fit me.

Day 5

Write about 5 things that you like about yourself

No 1

nails, purple, and black image girl fashion style, girly inspiration, and accessories tumblr image
Some people are more tomboyish, however I love my so-called womanhood. I'm a girly girl and I am not ashamed of it.

No 2

pistachio, pomegranate, and vegetable image food, noodles, and pasta image
I'm not a picky eater and actually really love veggies.

No 3

open, mind, and light image change, flowers, and quotes image
I'd like to think I'm pretty open-minded.

No 4

quotes, idealist, and text image obama and rainbow image
My idealism with a touch of realism.

No 5

gif, reduce, and recycle image candle, diy, and recycle image
I recycle, try to eat less meat, buy cruelty free make-up etc.

T H E ^ E N D