At school, in English we are doing gothic fiction and we are going to be writing a horror short story so I thought I'd write one here so at school I'll know what to write, make sense?
Also I'm not amazing at English (the lesson not language) so please don't judge!!
&& its just a little plan type thing

Schizophrenia Kills

Wondering through the woods, I can’t see much through all the fog, lost. I feel a drop of rain hit my cheek; I pan around the area looking for shelter. I can see what seems to be a house, I quickly run over, it seems abandoned. Moss hanging from the window hits me as I look inside, hastily I went to the door; it’s stuck; I push harder and it swings open and slams behind me. I approach the rocking chair in corner with the words “Holly Gardener 8.3.1927-4.9.1938” engraved onto it; I don’t pay much attention to that though. I examine what it’s in the room, a small box in the corner and pictures that have been faded away over the years. I sat in utter silence for at least a couple of minutes thinking to myself what I should do once the rain stops but I hear a voice whispering hello. Stop- it’s just my imagination. But the voice gets louder and starts screaming in my ears. All of the sudden it stops and goes dead silent. I close my eyes so I can try and rest for a bit but I start hearing noises again so I promptly opened my eyes to see a black- weird shaped figure staring into my eyes. I try to scream but no noise was made. They started talking to me telling me that I am “the chosen one”, confused as I asked “who- who are you?” assuredly they said “oh Rosie, I am you”. Speechless- I have no words, am I imagining this? Hitting my head, repeating to myself “this is a dream”. They are no human nor ghost, what are you? They looked around the house; locking all doors, windows and any possible escape route. “I am you, you are me” I sit back in the chair hoping for them to leave but they keep saying “together forever” After 10 minutes of taunting me they gave me an order, open the box. I chose to obey since I didn’t know what they was capable of doing to me, picking up the box I realised it was locked but swiftly I noticed a key on the corner of the room, how did I not notice it before? I open the box revealing a pile of letters and a weapon, a sharp, unused knife. Flicking through the assortment of letters they were just love letters and poems. “What do I do now?” I softly ask them, “You have a choice, do as I say or face a punishment” I chose to obey the figure. They unlocked the door and told me not to follow them so I just sat back in my chair, they’ve gone! I must’ve just been hallucinating since I haven’t slept or ate in ages. I try to doze off again on the chair.
Hours past, I wake up and see that it’s stopped raining; I put the knife in my back pocket and left he house. I’ve been walking for at least 15 minutes now and I think I see a village! I drag myself over and throw myself on a bench. “Hello again” calmly said the figure, in terror I scream and I look around, everyone’s staring at me. Can’t they see the figure? “What do you want now?” I ask in fear. The figure briefly explains to me how I need to kill someone in the village, I deny. These people have helped me, gave me somewhere to rest and one of them even gave me a little bit of money to buy some bread. “Look Rosie, I am your frie-“, “What? No you’re not!” They ignore me and continue their sentence, “You are safe with me as long as you do what I say. I am everywhere yet I am nowhere, remember that” This is getting out of hand, I can’t deal with this person, thing anymore! No one sees them apart from me; no one hears them apart from me. I’ve got to do this, to save everyone and myself from this living nightmare. I pull out the knife from my pocket and -

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