Happy International Women's Day!

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Today I want to write this article about those songs that make me feel empowered, strong and indestructible.
And what better day to do that than the International Women's Day!
All this songs inspired me everyday to be better than yesterday, to be a woman with power, a woman with a good heart, a woman who knows what it wants

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  • Power - Little Mix
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You should know, I'm the one who's in control
I'll let you come take the wheel, as long as you don't forget
Who got the power?

  • Run The World (Girls) - Beyoncé
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Boy I know you love it
How we're smart enough to make these millions
Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to business

  • That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony
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Destiny said it, you got to get up and get it
Get mad independent and don't you ever forget it
Got some dirt on your shoulder, then let me brush it off for ya
If you're feeling me, put your five high
That's my gir!

  • Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya
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This queen don't need a king

  • Salute - Little Mix
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Ladies, the time has come, the war has begun
Let us stand together and remember
Men fight great, but women are great fighters
Representing all the women, Salute, Salute

  • Confident - Demi Lovato
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I make my own choice
Bitch, I run this show
So leave the lights on

  • Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
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Working for the money cause that's what my mama taught me
So your ass better show me some respect

  • Woman - Kesha
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Everything I got, I bought it
Boys can’t buy my love, buy my love, yeah
I do what I want (She does), say what you say (Woo)
I work real hard every day

  • Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
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'Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen

  • She Loves Control - Camila Cabello
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She loves control, she wants it her way

  • Down & Dirty - Little Mix
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I don't ask the mirror, I know I'm the fairest
I'm bringin' the fire, so call me Daenerys

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Hope you like it!
Love and peace out!<3