I used to be a misbehaving kid.
I was a trouble maker and.. I'm sure that broke my parent's heart a lot.
I wrote a poem based on that. It's not exactly what happened to me though, It is similar enough to feel what am I.

On a cold and bitter day
I'm in trouble with my mom for rebellin'
When scolding gets running on its way
I with nuisance escaped from them with door slammin'

Now I am wandering around so aimlessly
I, but, held phone to find someone.
"Sorry, I'm busy," said my gf Cassie.
"Bro, I got stuffs to do," answered Sean.

"Oh that's find," I answered them shortly
I got no worries, cuz I got time so plenty
Thought I am just gonna walk around the park refreshin'
Suddenly, it begins to rain like sign of warnin'
So I returned home there but without anything sayin'

When I got into my room quietly
I found my mom roamin'
without saying none, I expected her roarin'
but she hugged me, quiet obliviously.

At that time, anything I neither realize nor say
But now she went to heaven and when it rains
I yearn for her so much that I feel pains.
On a cold and bitter day.