This is part 4 of the holy trinity series, the english speaking members from Blackpink.

Disclaimer!!! I hope no one is going to be butthurted about this series. I'm doing these just for fun. I often write them down who's the oldest from the youngest. No one is less worthy if a certain person is the last one. I just hope that you can enjoy them as I do.

1. Jennie

  • Main Rapper, Lead Vocal
jennie, blackpink, and kpop image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pink, aesthetic, and grunge image blackpink, jennie, and kpop image

2. Rosé

  • Main Vocal
blackpink, rose, and kpop image peach, theme, and fruit image orange image k-pop, rose, and blackpink image

3. Lisa

  • Main dancer, Lead rapper, Sub vocal
blackpink, lisa, and kpop image yellow, aesthetic, and beautiful image blackpink, lisa, and kpop image yellow, quotes, and sweet image

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