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Welcome to another article. This time I have something short for you, and it's an unofficial challenge called 13 facts about me! I was tagged by Em (@itsqueenems) and I finally found time to write it. Let's looks at some random facts about me.

☆ number ONE

I don't drink coffee.

coffee, sunglasses, and drink image coffee, drink, and food image

☆ number TWO

My surname is 'Fialová', which means purple in Czech.

sky, sunset, and sea image sky, clouds, and pink image

☆ number THREE

I met Sabine (@the_night_skies) in real life. Yay!

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☆ number FOUR

I wanted to be a vet when I was younger.

animal, tiger, and baby image animal, cute, and lion image

☆ number FIVE

I finally have account on spotify! (Let the playlists fever begin.)

beige, blue, and chanel image music, aesthetic, and indie image

☆ number SIX

I'm hyperactive after eating sugar or really delicious meal.

cookie, food, and cake image pizza and food image

☆ number SEVEN

My favorite fruit are grapes, banana, peach and watermelon (let's not fight if it's veggie or not).

Image removed food, melon, and fruit image

☆ number EIGHT

Once I fell asleep with headphones, I was watching (listening) Nick Wolfhard's stream on Twitch with his brother and friends, and 2 hours ago I woke up with heart attact, because they won something and screamed.

Mature image city, window, and sky image

☆ number NINE

I have two twitter accounts, one for normal stuff and the other for fangirl stuff (but I don't use it much now).

hair, girl, and fashion image fashion image

☆ number TEN

I think I have pretty good eyebrows.

makeup, beauty, and lipstick image makeup, beauty, and make up image

☆ number ELEVEN

I am 'Memegiver', 'Stranger Things Facts-giver' and 'Finnatic' of WHITheRevolution group.

Abusive image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image

☆ number TWELVE

I love flowers and photography.

rose, flowers, and pink image photography, girl, and camera image

☆ number THIRTEEN

I want to study philosophy and english on college.

interior, room, and house image hair, book, and hairstyle image

I already wrote an article with some basic facts about myself, you can read it if you want ❤


Kellyy ☾
Kellyy ☾
queen b ❁
queen b ❁

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See ya'll in my next article.

Kisses, Michel👄