Hey Hearters, today I'm back with another article. In this article I'm going to be giving lots of tips and strategies concerning makeup. If this article get's more than 100 hearts I will be doing a part 2 for Makeup tips and Strategies. Let's get started ...

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Always have a basic makeup routine. Keep in mind not to over do it !

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Tip 1: Always wash your face before applying any makeup product

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Tip 2: Choose the right makeup-brand that fits your preferences, something that's between your budget and easy for you to apply:) Ex: MAC, Clinique, NAKED, L'Oréal etc.

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Tip 3: Choose the right tone of foundation for your skin. Test it on your face, not your hand (always consult with a professional when choosing any make product that your not sure)

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Tip 4: Choose the right tone of lipstick, lip gloss or even liquide lipstick. Something that is decent and isn't that bright. Color coordinate the lipstick with your outfit or mix and match depending on your style

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Tip 5: Always keep your makeup brushes clean when using. First you dip your brushes in hot water, add one spoon of soap and mix it well. Let it stay for couple of minutes. Then blow dry brushes gently

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Tip 6: Always have enough sleep to avoid getting dark lines under eyes

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Tip 7: Always remove your makeup before sleeping

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By: Iman Akram