First of all I just want to say that I am super proud and happy to be a girl and to be able to see all the wonderful things all the women around the world achieved and still fight for.
Today I got a lot of questions from my classmates mostly boys why a women's day exists. My answer was pretty clear because women keep fighting for their rights, women master challenges every single day and keep showing the world how amazing they are and why they deserve more and better.
I keep saying that but I think every single women or girl is beautiful, smart, ambitious, strong and can achieve every single thing they want. We can do it. We will keep fighting for equality until we get everything we want. I mean the future is female, right?
I am looking forward to see all the other things we are going to achieve together and let's just celebrate ourselves today, okay?
Don't let anybody tell you that this day is useless or stupid because it is not and we should be able and allowed to make the whole world pay attention to our history at least one day.
Thank you so much for reading this article.