I’m pretty sure that everyone had a teacher who was slow. He/She could be fun, or unlikable but slow. In my entire study life, I never had one…until this year. The class is very interesting, my teacher is fun, very interesting to listen to, and very kind but every time he speaks (very slow) my eyes start to close.

I always sat in front of every class because I want to be attentive and because by sitting in front I don’t get to know who is in the same class as me (I don’t speak much with other students). But by sitting in front of that teacher it makes feel so bad because I literally fall sleep in front of him. And I see around to realize that it is just me who is falling to sleep. So maybe is not the teacher, maybe I am the one who has a problem. I am trying to be awake and to able do so I tried to write down his exact words in my notebook or I draw. I cannot just sit there and listen to him. I’ve tried this for four class until it didn’t work anymore - I fell at sleep.

I was so ashamed! I never felt asleep during a class. So I decided to seat in the back of the class in case it happens again but at least it won’t be in front of him.
Problem: when I sat down I remembered another reason of why I always seat in front. Even if I have glasses on, I cannot see the board… how convenient. With all this, why do I even bother to go to that class?

I give up.