Idea from @DazedAura
Here are 10 things I've learned in 2018 so far!

1. Don't Trust People Straight Away

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I always trust people when really I shouldn't

2. The People You Love Hurt You The Most

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3. Trying To Stop Loving Someone Is Wayyyy Harder Than You Think

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4. Riverdale Is My Favourite Show

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yesss I love riverdale !!

5. I Spend Most Of My Day Thinking About *****

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the * block out the name obvo :)

6. I Should Really Start Revising lmao

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7. You Only Get One Life, Use It Wisely

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8. Stop Being So Paranoid !

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9. Stop Hating Yourself / Putting Yourself Down

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it's hard but I try

10. Defend Yourself / Stand Up For Yourself !

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Hope You Guys Enjoyed !