Hello dears! Here are the lyrics of one of my favorite song! It is originally in french but I was able to find the English translation. This song is really beautiful and sad! It's about a guy who's serenading his love interest for the last time and begging her to spend one more night with him!
I love the way he talks to her and the way he shows how much she means to him, so yeah enjoy the beautiful words ❤ PS: I didn't include the chorus at the end or in the middle so that it won't feel too repetitive!

“One Final Dance”

I’ve glanced at her for a long time
Have hundreds of times stroked her face
I found gold
And even some stars while wiping away her tears
And I learned the purity of her curves by heart
I still draw them sometimes
She’s a part of me

I just want one final dance
Before the shadows and the indifference
Giddiness and then silence
I just want one final dance

I knew her too soon but that’s not my fault
The arrow went through my skin
It’s a weary pain
That does more harm than good
But I know from history that it’s already too late
From the look in her eyes, you can tell she’s preparing herself
For a long journey

Nothing would change if I died tomorrow
Her hands gave me
The happiness anchored in my soul
It’s too much for even one man
And I watched her leave without saying anything
Just her breathing is enough
Thank you for enchanting my life.

"Dernière Danse"

J'ai longtemps parcouru son corps
Effleuré cent fois son visage
J'ai trouvé de l'or
Et même quelques étoiles
En essuyant ses larmes
J'ai appris par coeur
La pureté de ses formes
Parfois, je les dessine encore
Elle fait partie de moi

Je veux juste une dernière danse
Avant l'ombre et l'indifférence
Un vertige puis le silence
Je veux juste une dernière danse

Je l'ai connue trop tôt
Mais c'est pas d'ma faute
La flèche a traversé ma peau
C'est une douleur qui se garde
Qui fait plus de bien que de mal
Mais je connais l'histoire
Il est déjà trop tard
Dans son regard
On peut apercevoir
Qu'elle se prépare
Au long voyage

Je peux mourir demain
Ca n'change rien
J'ai reçu de ses mains
Le bonheur ancré dans mon âme
C 'est même trop pour un seul homme
Je l'ai vue partir, sans rien dire
Il fallait seulement qu'elle respire
Merci d'avoir enchanté ma vie

And here's the song + music video:

I hope you enjoyed the song. I really wanted to share it with you all!

Translation from: http://lyricstranslate.com/fr/derniere-danse-final-dance.html