8th March. The international woman's day. A year ago I broke up with my first boyfriend. We had our good and bad moments, our ups and downs. We ended on good terms even though we don't speak to each other anymore. I know many people are heartbroken after their first breakup but I was okay, because I had known for a while that we were going to break up sooner or later. We had stopped talking, we were strangers in a relationship. When we ended I was sad because I lost someone Iwas so used to, sad because I lost a presence in my life. I don't think I knew it then but that was for the best. I still don't know whether or not I loved him but I am sure I liked him a lot. After a while I realised what a burden this relationship had been to me, because I was so devoted to him that I had forgotten to be devoted to myself. Once we broke up I felt free. Not the kind of freedom where you can hook up with whoever you want but the kind of freedom where you can to be yourself. I began to love myself for who I am again. A year later I am who I am. I sometimes still miss the feelings we shared but I don't miss him. The relationship I had wasn't what couples have in movies but it was a lesson. Now I don't hide myself I don't change myself because someone doesn't like me that way. I have learnt that being someone you are not, leads you to nowhere and I am grateful because I realised that you don't need someone to be happy. So today on the national woman's day every girl should realise that we are worthy and we shouldn't shape ourselves because of someone else's opinion. If you learn to love yourself the way you deserve it, you will be happy.