Some days I feel so down, tired of everything and just want to stay at home, cuddled up in my pillows. I think everyone has these days sometimes! The only things that can help me then are movies and good food!

Always remember...
good food - good mood!!!

I wanted to share my favourite soul food with you that makes me smile again! Let`s get started

1. Brownies
I know this is so obviously, but after eating a warm brownie is everyone happy, right?!

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2. Pancakes
C'mon even Damon Salvatore loves pancakes when his mood is down!

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3. Cookies
The best when they are warm and chewy..yummy!

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4. Donuts
I love Oreo donuts and donuts with sugar and cinnamon!!

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5. Ice cream
The best if you had a hard day or a breakup with someone.
It really helps... Trust me!!

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6. Waffles
They make you feel better after the first bite!

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7. Burgers
They are so good... cheese, meat, salad and fries!

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8. Chocolate
I love pralines when I`m sad and need something special to feel better...

chocolate image chocolate and food image chocolate, food, and drink image chocolate, food, and sweet image

9. Coffee
It`s not actually food, but it lightens your mood (omg, that was a rhyme)!!!

coffee image coffee, drink, and ice image

10. Cinnamon rolls
Kylie Jenner (and me too) loves to make them with a waffle iron. They just taste better and look so pretty!

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That`s it for now! Do you want a second part?!

More food

Xo, Sophie