today is a special day , well maybe not for every one obviously not every persone is going to have the same view on this special occasion but humor me for a second ,will ya??
for all those women out there in the world
for all those fighters
and friends
and many more for

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this is us . this is us . THIS IS ...

this message is for you , this day is for you , after all being a lady is no easy feat am i right ? no matter your skin ,hair, eye color no matter if you're rich or poor , whatever race you may come from or religion .We all endure soo much and that just from our daily lives

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and most of the time we are not reconized for who we really are , but still we rise above every obstacle and strive to survive and come on top
stronger than ever before

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every time and so for all the great women who has walked this earth till this day and more i wish you a happy woman day !!!
for you are beautiful , smart cunning determinate strong talented and so much more than you'd propably would even know ; for this day serve as a reminder , so you can never forget

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bonne fete des femmes 😘❤💖💋