Dear you,
lately I feel like I can't wait another second for summer to come so I decided to write down some things I miss about my favorite season :)

Here we go!

➳ feeling free

aesthetic, freedom, and girl power image girl, beach, and summer image
young, wild and free

➳ travelling

travel, ocean, and plane image girl, city, and new york image
visiting new cities and doing long trips

➳ sea

aesthetic, alternative, and beach image beach, blue, and aesthetic image
swimming in the waves

➳ family & friends

aesthetic, children, and winter image best friends, friends, and bff image
spending time with my people

➳ NO stress

flowers, bath, and pink image sky, tumblr, and pink image
goodbye anxiety

That's all, I hope you enjoyed this short recap of what summer is to me ❀


in case you were interested ;)