"Make a list of five places you want to visit."

I've been patiently waiting for this! I actually have seven places in the world so I'll cut it down or combine some.

5. Moscow
This one I'd really love to visit because of my slight obsession with Russian culture. I adore the language and the whole "cyka blyat" mentality. Plus the architecture in Moscow is unlike anywhere else on Earth.

4. Dublin/London
I'm kind of cheating by mashing them together, but if I were to travel there, I'd get them both done in one trip. Dublin has always struck me as such a laid back place, where the only things that matter are your friends and a good beer. London, on the other hand, is filled with so much history and culture.

3. Barcelona
I'm majoring in Spanish in college, and I'd love to visit there. I have some family in Barcelona, along with a genuine love for Spanish food. Barcelona is great for exploring and relaxing, which are both my travel personalities.

2. Amsterdam
I don't really know what drew me to Amsterdam in the first place, but I want to go there so badly it hurts. It has a reputation for debachery. I couldn't spend weeks on end there, but I could certainly enjoy a night out.

1. Japan
My ultimate dream is to live in Japan for a year. Their lifestyle is just so much better than the American lifestyle in every way. The food is the best food on the planet, and you can get onigiri and sushi at kombini stores! I live for the manga culture. My ultimate dream would be a one year work visa, translating manga from Japanese (which I'm taking in college) to English and Spanish. I would take a weekend trip to a ryokan, and chill in an onsen, and get dinner afterwards in traditional yukata. It's just the ultimate dream.