Everybody knows the feeling when you are bored in a class, you don´t know what to do and you are slowly getting crazy. I have boring class at least once a day and I am finally not bored, because I found out what can I do during boring class.

1. draw
It doesn´t matter if you are good or bad at drawing, just draw whatever you want. It can be just doodles or whole portrait. It´s up to you.

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little tip: I can concentrate better when I draw while a teacher talks

2. sleep
Well, this one is a little bit rude, but some of the teachers don´t mind if you sleep in their classes. So if your teacher is one of them, sleep in the boring class.

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3. learn stuff for your other classes
Maybe you have a test after the boring class, so you can use the time effectively for studying. This saved my life more than once.

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4. play a game or surf on the internet on your phone/laptop
I know, some of the teachers or school rules don´t allow using a phone or laptop at classes. But it´s 2018 and I think most of the schools/teachers allow using these devices.

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5. think about life
I do this just sometimes. You can filter your thoughts, think about what will you do tomorrow or what you want to do in your life.

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hope you liked it
see you tomorrow