Hello and welcome to another article! Since this month starts Spring, I thought I could do an article about getting on the right mood for spring. It is such a pleasing and nice time of the year!


get some flowers

bouquet aesthetic
I'm pretty sure that when somebody mentions spring, flowers are the first thing that comes to many people's mind. I personally adore flowers and in this time of the year many types of flowers look their best. It's always nice to have some flowers around, isn't it?

re-decorate your room // home

decor decor
Spring is the perfect oportunity to re-decorate your place! Add some flowers and plants for a more natural look and use softer and pinkish tones in the decoration for fresh spring vibes.

go outside

best friends dress
Enjoy the nice weather and go outisde! Go for a walk, meet up with friends, have a pic nic... there are tons of options! Just make sure you don't stay home all day when there's so much to enjoy outside.

change your wardrobe

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New season means new clothes. Search your closet and go shopping for spring clothes. A new season is a great opportuinity to experiment and update your style and maybe even get a totally new look!

go on a trip

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It's that time of the year: springbreak! If you already have a trip planned, great! Enjoy it! If you don't but still want to travel, you can start planning a trip, either abroad or somewhere closer, what matters is that you have fun.

exercise outside

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The weather is usually nice when we're in spring, so, instead of working out in the gym or at home, try exercising outdoors with lovely weather and sun.

I hope you liked this article and are already feeling in the mood for Spring. It is really a pleasing season and I can't wait for it to arrive for many reasons, especially for my springbreak trip! What about you? What are you most excited about this season? Let me know, send me a postcard if you like!

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)


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