aloha hearters ! i hope you're okay, and welcome to my new article. today, i'm going to present myself in pictures because i want you to know a little bit more about me. so, let's go !


Leo, wallpaper, and zodiac image


black aesthetic clothes clothes
i really like to put on some classy outfits but i love being comfortable too !


attention crazy beauty beach


Barcelona burger fitness breakfast
fruits, fries, hamburgers and chocolate are my favorite food for sure


animal Superthumb animal adorable
i looove cats and dogs, they are my favorites !


shawn ari feu Superthumb
shawn mendes and ariana grande are my favorites american singers and nekfeu and georgio are my favorites french rap artists


scott Superthumb aesthetic 13 reasons why
teen wolf, shadowhunters, stranger things and 13 reasons why are my favorite series


sooo i think that's it ! i hope you guys enjoyed it and know me a little more, don't forget to put a heart on and check my collections if you want to ! bye, see ya xx