this is a list of Italian dishes that you have to eat at least once in your life. (if you want me to write specific articles, send me a message in private)


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there are various types of spaghetti, first of all "THE SPAGHETTI DON'T CUT WITH THE KNIFE BUT THEY ARE ROLLING WITH THE FORK". There are various types of recipes, the most common are based on fish, meat sauce or vegetables
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lasagne,the classic recipe is based on pasta, ragù and mozzarella. but there is also a vegetarian version, where meat is replaced with vegetables such as zucchini
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the most famous is Risotto alla Milanese; and is based on mushrooms, other more common recipes are saffron, sausage and fish


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il pesce e i ristoranti di pesci sono più diffusi nel sud d'italia
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the meat is much more widespread, the Fiorentina is one of the best, even if fast foods are very common nowadays

Side Dishes:

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patate, not fried but cooked in the oven
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caponata, it is a typical dish made with eggplant peppers and other vegetables
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Dessert: the typical sweets are based on chocolate
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obviously as the last dessert there is nutella

Unique dishes:

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the typical dish par excellence Italian of course is pizza; it can be stuffed with everything NOT WITH ANANAS