Since this is my new account I kinda wanna do the "this is me in pictures challenge".
Also because I think it's cool to express yourself with photos.



capricorn image quotes and capricorn image Abusive image aesthetic, alternative, and dark image
thats actually 90% true


rose, flowers, and light image orange image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful, black, and blue image
red - orange - blue - black


funny, quotes, and lol image satan, funny, and quotes image quotes, subtitles, and alone image cat, quotes, and love image
that pretty much describes me


art, alternative, and paint image suga, bts, and yoongi image татуировка image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
painting, playing the piano, tattoos, travelling


adventure, city, and drink image escape, travel, and map image black, quotes, and text image animal, dog, and husky image
having my own little tea shop, living somewhere else, finding love, owner of 1038 dogs


cashmere, jeans, and sweater image Image by isitrojan fashion image black, outfit, and style image Image by isitrojan black, converse, and Devil image
oversized, ALL black, denim, caps, ringsss


animal and elephant image adventure, nature, and summer image animal, black, and panther image animal, black, and panther image
elephants and black panthers are my FAVORITE animals


food, fries, and burger image banana, healthy, and food image Image by isitrojan food, avocado, and healthy image
i could literally die for burgers with sweet potatoes or pizza but then again fruits are SO GOOD and mixed salads too


Image by isitrojan Image by Lucius funny, quote, and relatable image quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image

Favorite Youtubers

gif, pentatonix, and scott hoying image funny, youtube, and fashion icon image lilly singh, superwoman, and youtube image youtube, internet famous, and iisuperwomanii image

Favorite Singers

one direction, niall horan, and louis tomlinson image nicki minaj, girl, and goals image michael jackson, king of pop, and michael image pentatonix, scott hoying, and kevin olusola image
each one of one direction + pentatonix, michael jackson and nicki minaj

Celebrity Crushes

louis tomlinson, Harry Styles, and larry stylinson image mitch grassi, superfruit, and scott hoying image kristen stewart image black and white, Hot, and fifth harmony image
harry styles, louis tomlinson, mitch grassi, scott hoying, kristen stewart, lauren jauregui


titanic, rose, and jack image Jurassic Park image harry potter, hermione granger, and friends image dirty dancing, love, and couple image
Titanic, Jurassic Park, all Harry Potter movies, Dirty Dancing


conquer, must read, and overexcited image book, chanel, and fashion image
+ thrillers or romantic books

I guess that's it :)