Hiii! Welcome to my 7th article. This time I’ll write about serie you should watch ( they are all on Netflix ). I hope you will like this article & have fun reading!

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C.. ❥

Gossip girl
The first serie you should see is Gossip girl. It’s an amazing serie about live on the upper east side.

blair Superthumb blair blair waldorf
❝ 3 words, 8 letters say it and I’m yours....❞ - Blair Waldorf
❝If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it❞ - Blair Waldorf

Teen wolf
If you like a serie about the supernatural it’s really a serie for you.

scott teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf
❝ People that I thought would be with me forever are the ones I lost. The people I tought I could never trust ended up staving my life, more than once ❞ - Scott McCall

This serie is one year old and has two seasons. It’s an amazing serie about friends and danger in their town.

cast Betty Superthumb Superthumb
❝ I don’t follow rules, I make them and when necessary, I break them❞ - Veronica Lodge
❝ Here’s the thing about snakes. You don’t step on them, they got no reason to bite.❞ - F.P Jones

Pretty little liars
Pretty little liars is about a group of friends ( Emily, Spencer, Aria & Hanna ) who just lost one of their best friends ( Alison Dilaurentis ) . After her funeral they start getting messages from -A, A is someone who seems to know everything about the 4 girls. After a while they think Alison is A and isn’t dead at all.....

Liars pretty little liars emily pll
❝ Things change, you know people grow.❞ - Hanna Marin
❝ You think you know people, but then they surprise you.❞ - Alison Dilaurentis

How I met your mother
A comedy show about a father ( Ted Mosby ) who tells his children about how he met their mother. The whole serie is actually a flash back about his life before he met their mother and it’s especially about his group of Friends; Marshall, Lily, Barney & Robin.

barney Superthumb himym Barney Stinson
❝ Because sometimes even if you know something’s gonna end that does not mean you can’t enjoy the ride.❞ - Ted Mosby
❝ That’s life you know, we never end up Where you thought you wanted to be.❞ - Marshall Eriksen

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