When you're feeling fragile, or stressed or disorganised, try this

How's that subconscious?

Organise your space
Everything has a place. You've heard this a thousand times, and while this might be a chore to accomplish, even dedicating 10 minutes to cleaning that problem corner or chair or desk will do more subconsciously than you realise.

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Pre-plan to the max!

Lay out your outfit for the next day. Pack your lunch or work out what you'll eat. Write a to-do list (that you'll actually do!). The more prepared you are, the less stressed you will feel.

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How's that body?

Take care of your body! You should be doing this always but especially when you feel stressed. A clean, fresh body will do wonders for your brain, trust me!

Shave your legs/armpits/wherever. Wash your hair. Use a face mask. Exfoliate your skin. Moisturise every inch of your body (Okay, maybe not every inch, that's dangerous). Put on lip balm. Every action, no matter how small, will help you exhale and make you feel organised.

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I recommend the softest pair of pyjamas you've ever worn in your life, but I understand that's not always practical if you have to go to school/work. So wear a matching set of bra and panties, it actually helps. Wear your most comfortable shoes (Heels or slippers) if you know you will be running around today.

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A note from me, a teen with no professional experience but wants to give you some practical advice:

It's perfectly fine to be disorganised. We are human and cannot organise every aspect of our lives no matter how much we try. It's fine to be unmotivated and not want to organise, but there comes a point where you must. So finish binge watching the season and then shave your damn legs!

- Hope you enjoy this guys xx