hello, everybody! today i'll share some places i want to visit in the future. enjoy!

1. usa

bridge city amazing Superthumb

i've always wanted to visit usa, especially new york, los angeles and miami

2. south korea

city asia korea city

i'm obsessed with kpop, kshows & kdramas, and i love the culture

3. maldives

Superthumb beach beach beach

i love the blue water and i want to swim with stingrays!

4. shanghai

future beautiful shanghai food

even though i'm chinese, i've never been to shanghai. i want to learn more about the city and go to pearl tower and take pictures

5. australia

australia animal beach animals

australia is a country i must visit when i get older. i want to visit the sydney opera house and meet some kangaroos!

6. greece

beach city breakfast flowers

i love its culture and i want to taste their food

7. bali

nature blue forest balcony

i want to explore its nature, rice fields and the beach

8. dubai

city beach city Dubai

i want to shop in the dubai mall, watch the dubai fountains and sunbathe at the beach


car Superthumb Superthumb aesthetic

i've always wanted to visit japan and the people in japan seems really kind

10. italy

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

i love the archictecture in italy and i want to explore the capital, rom

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xoxo, emma