Hi, how are you doing?
I hope you're doing well (:

In these days, I'm trying to attract all experiences that I would like to do in 2018.. #lawofattraction

One of them is to go to Paris again, and try some experiences that locals offer.

SOOOO of course I scrolled around on the internet and found some amazing things.
And I thought.. Why not share them with you?!
(and here you are, reading my article! haha)

So here we go, I hope you'll enjoy!

~ and please, please, please let me know if you've done some of them! I would love to know!

fashion, fendi, and guess image
a photoshoot with an professional fashion photographer
food, macaroons, and ‎macarons image
Learn how to make your own macarons in a local bakery
art, painting, and museum image
Go to art galleries (see Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and fashion related galleries like Dior, Chanel,)
chanel and paris image
Go and shop designer clothes on discount with a local (they know the places to go to)
gif and marie antoinette image
Learn French history while walking through Paris (and Versaille) with a local as guide
ballet image
Go to an ballet
champagne, luxury, and drink image
Wine tasting (Be responsible! Being drunk isn't classy, even at a wine tasting.)
paris, city, and travel image
Seeing Paris from another perspective
fashion, girl, and outfit image
Shop French vintage
costura, seam, and sew image
Learn how to make and decorate clothes at a locals gallery
nails, french, and manicure image
Get a French manicure
girl, book, and food image
Go to Cafe De Flore

That's it!
Well done you've reached the end of the article!

I just want to say thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon back for another article!

My upcoming articles, will be announced in the description. Any suggestions? Let me know!

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I'm just going to leave this picture of a puppy here.. I just need him in my life