hi guys! <3

( excuse me if I make some mistakes, I'm not English!!! )

Thank you sooo much for all the hearts on my articles, I really appreciate that and it motivates me. So this article I'm going to tell you how to make a nice summary!

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Let's get started! :)

You need paper (duh). Grab some highlights and some pens. Try to have a clean table or whatever you are working on.

1. Start making your title of the summary. This can be the chapter of you learn book
or a title that you have invented yourself.

2. Read the text and write down the things you think that are important.

3. Try to use as few words as possible. (by omitting examples)

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4. Hightlight the important words you need to know. You can also highlight whole sentences!

5. If necessary, make small drawings to understand the text

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This are the things that I do, My grades are always good. So I hope yours are too! :D BTW I will give you some extra tips!


-Go study with your friends. This is a way you can make learning more fun. Or study with your pet, I think it's nice to have people (cats) around me.

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-Get yourself before studying a nice drink and some food!

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-Don't learn long for a long period. Take after 20 minutes learning a break of 5 minutes and then continue learning. If you learn for a long period, you won't remember everything good.

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-Put your phone away! I know it's really hard but if you want to learn good, keep it away.

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Thank you for reading and if you want to read more articles, go check out my ''article'' collection.

bye <3